Waterfront Projects

In, On, Over, and Near Water

Our portfolio includes waterfront projects all over the Puget Sound region, in both salt and fresh water. We have a lot of experience with historic timber pile structures, but also have experience with steel and concrete piles. We are often doing work on the Seattle waterfront with several long-term clients.

Here is a Sampling

Seattle Aquarium | Piers 59 and 60
Pier 59 Seattle Aquarium Renovation

Our initial studies of this building revealed the historic wharf structure was at risk of total failure in a major windstorm. The $23 million renovation of Pier 59 replaced over 900 failing piles with 240 new concrete-filled steel piles and aprons.  The renovated area houses a major new exhibit with floor loading up to 2,000 psf.  In addition to the piling repair, more than 18,000 square feet of exhibit space was added to the project over a 3-year design and construction process. The Aquarium remained open and operational all through design and construction. Our work on this project received the ACEC Washington Engineering Excellence Gold Award, the Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association Excellence in Concrete Construction Award, and was an ACEC National finalist.

Aquarium Abalone Restoration Nursery

Seattle Structural performed a study for the temporary Pinto Abalone Nursery installation at the east end of Pier 60. The project included site investigation of existing timber piles and timber pier structure, along with a detailed review of as- built drawings and previous pile investigation reports. We analyzed the existing structure for multiple system layouts. Finally, a formal written report outlined our findings and recommendations.  We worked closely with Aquarium representatives to determine the best alternatives based on the nursery requirements.

Seattle Aquarium Piers 59 and 60 Condition Assessment

We recently completed a condition assessment of both Piers 59 and 60 for the Seattle Aquarium. We also reviewed and collated all previous assessments performed by us and others. Combining all this information, we created a report and master plan showing current conditions, along with trends and recommendations. The Aquarium now has a comprehensive document to use for planning.

Seattle Parks and Recreation | Seattle Waterfront
Pier 58 Emergency Demolition and Removal

We provided engineering consulting for the emergency demolition and removal of the deteriorated timber and concrete Pier 58 on the Seattle waterfront.  Our visual under-pier investigation in August 2020 indicated the piles supporting the pier were significantly deteriorated, putting the pier at risk for collapse. The project included mitigation measures and coordination with multiple owners and city departments to reduce the risk to adjacent structures during demolition.  Design of a new over-water access walkway for an existing electrical vault was also provided.

Pier 62/63 Condition Assessments

We conducted a condition assessment and seismic study to determine future options for repair or replacement of the 90-year old structure. The pier is used as a public open space by the Parks Department and is the site of the Summer Nights on the Pier concert series.  Seattle Structural ultimately came up with an innovative strengthening scheme to extend the life of pier 63. We have subsequently provided additional condition surveys on these piers.

Miner’s Landing | Pier 57
Pier 57 Renovation and Upgrade

Seattle Structural assessed the seismic capacity of the existing 100+ year old iconic timber pier structure. Based on this assessment, we subsequently designed upgrades to increase the seismic capacity.  The seismic upgrade includes a composite structure designed within the footprint of the existing timber building and pier.  New structural elements include a concrete moment frame from mudline to ground floor level, and a steel braced frame from the ground floor to a new second level.  The upgrade includes retrofits of the existing building truss system to allow the installation of a second level for future site enhancements.

Pier 57 North Lot Boundary Adjustment Upgrades

Pier 57 north was demolished along with Pier 58. This new area is designed to serve as an open apron. We designed the apron for HS20 vehicle loading, including a reinforced pad area designed to support a crawler crane. 

Pier 57 Pile Replacement

We identified critical pile bents for replacement based on our condition assessment.  Five bents were chosen for reinforcement under the pier, and specific piles were identified for replacement as stub piles. Stub piles replace the vertical capacity of the existing piers but do not add additional lateral capacity.  We provided design and construction phase services, along with on-site inspection during and after construction.

Lake Union
Western Yacht Harbor

Seattle Structural provided structural engineering, project management, and permitting support. The project included pile replacement, fire repair, and a dowel-laminated timber (DLT) second-story addition. This was one of the first mass timber projects in Seattle. The forward-looking design allowed roof installation to be completed in one day.

Fleets Harbor Patrol

Seattle Structural has completed a number of projects for the Harbor Patrol facilities on Lake Union in Seattle.  These included the evaluation and remediation of a large sink hole, remedial investigation and replacement of the bulkhead, and foundation design for new HVAC equipment.

North Northlake Way

We conducted a condition survey of the piles and pier structure supporting a commercial building on north Lake Union. Our findings and recommendations for repair and maintenance were presented in a written report.