Representative Projects

Certainly, We Love a Structural Challenge


Seattle Structural has been building a strong portfolio of waterfront-based work in the region, further building expertise. Consequently, we are becoming the “go-to” firm for looking at waterfront structures. For example, we have completed pile investigations at piers along the Seattle waterfront in addition to designing structural repairs. For instance, one of our high profile projects above and below the pier, was the award-winning Seattle Aquarium renovation.


Our staff has been doing international projects for over 30 years, and consequently has designed structures in multiple countries. In addition, our work includes bringing innovative design and construction practices to Asia and the Middle East. As a result, projects were completed in less time and at lower cost.

Large Scale Display Systems

Our firm is behind some of the most visible display systems in the world, because structure is key. Consequently, our work includes one of the world’s largest center-hung scoreboards. Moreover, we have provided designs for universities, professional sports teams, transit systems, and internationally recognized brands. As a result, our extensive experience with these systems makes us uniquely qualified to make your dream display a reality.


Seismic engineering touches every structure in the Puget Sound region, which in addition to the unique landscape creates some interesting challenges.  As a result, a deep understanding of earthquake design is one of our core principles. Seismic upgrades often involve historic structures, so we use a creative problem solving approach to preserve key features. Public facility seismic upgrades are often done without disruption to facility use, allowing operations to continue during construction.

Medical and Health Care Facilities

Above all, our long-term relationships with owners in the health care sector allow us to provide the best solutions for their needs.  For example, we have a 20-year history with Overlake Hospital and have completed more than 100 projects on their campus. In addition, acute care facilities continue to be a growing area, resulting in the need for specialized spaces.

Specialty Structures

Specialty projects make up much of the Seattle Structural portfolio, and as a result, bring some unique challenges. Turn-around time is often critical to owners and developers, so we are structured to respond quickly with workable solutions.  Project types include precast design, feasibility studies, seismic upgrade evaluations, site installations, unusual structures, signage and street-front installations.

Commercial and Residential

We have designed a variety of commercial, mixed-use, assisted living, and multi-family residential projects in Washington, Oregon, and California. As a key partner, we help transform ideas into a functional reality that supports great spaces for living and working. In other words, we thrive on helping clients meet special requirements with practical solutions that work.


Existing buildings have value, consequently renovation projects represent a significant portion of our workload and include all building types.  Our staff’s extensive renovation experience initiates creative solutions that often simplify construction and allow continued operation. During the Pier 59 foundation replacement and renovation, the Seattle Aquarium remained operational while 30% of the building and 100% of the foundations were replaced.

Parking Structures

We are well-versed in the special requirements for parking structures, therefore providing our clients with maximum planning flexibility. Our successful projects include the Harbor Steps and Safeco Field parking garages, which have subsequently become part of the Seattle landscape.

Education and Schools

Seattle Structural has done structural assessments, additions, renovations, and seismic upgrades for a variety of educational facilities. We have done work for K-12, colleges, and universities because good spaces are key to learning at all levels. Since many school buildings are older, upgrades are often needed to improve safety and usefulness. Likewise, when new buildings are needed, we bring key ideas to the table early in order to inform the best design.

Public Projects

Our work has included a number of public projects in Seattle and surrounding areas because we believe in their importance. Community centers, waterfront spaces, and icons at Seattle Center bring together our love of structure and place.

Community Projects

Seattle Structural works with communities to create value with attention to detail and addressing specific needs. We have long-standing relationships with Seattle Center, the Seattle Aquarium, and the city of Seattle because quality shows.