Scoreboards and

Large Scale Display Systems


Explore one of our key specialty areas. We love providing structural engineering services for scoreboards and LED large scale display systems. We have completed structural engineering for high and low profile installations all over the U.S.

Structural Large Scale Display Systems
West Virginia University Scoreboard (Photo courtesy of ANC)


Seattle Structural has completed over 100 projects, providing engineering support for LED displays in sports venues, commercial spaces, and transportation hubs.

And so, here are a few Examples

World Trade Center | New York, NY
Westfield Storefronts

Seattle Structural provided structural engineering design services for LED storefronts installed below the new World Trade Center in New York City.  New storefront displays were attached to an architectural wall.  We provided close coordination with the New York architects to integrate the new system with the base building design. 

PATH Hall Station Transportation Hub

We provided consulting services for displays in the new transportation hub at the World Trade Center. The PATH Hall display involved design and integration for two large suspended LED screen display systems.

Tower 4 Scenic Elevator

Seattle Structural provided structural supports for a vertical LED display located in front of a glass-front elevator.  Since the 75-foot display was exposed on all sides, the intermediate supports were designed to conceal wiring, power supplies, and data connections.

East-West Connector

Seattle Structural designed structural support for a 275-foot long concourse display and four underpass displays. We developed a new attachment method to address the special conditions for these installations.  Work included coordination with the installation subcontractor to demonstrate the new attachment method in a mock-up. This project also included custom extruded-aluminum perimeter trim.

Tower 2 Transit Hall

Seattle Structural provided structural engineering for the new media screens project at the World Trade Center Tower 2.  We designed new anchorages to the existing building, and worked out structure modifications to accommodate the new media displays.

Penn Station Moynihan Train Hall | New York, NY

Seattle Structural provided structural design for the train hall display upgrades at Penn Station’s new Moynihan renovation. Multiple types of electronic kiosks, LCD, and LED displays were installed throughout the newly reopened Moynihan Train Hall. The scope included coordination between the base building design team and LED contractor, multiple types of connections, and review of internal design drawings.

University of Texas at Austin Football Upgrades | Austin, TX

We provided engineering services for scoreboard upgrades at the Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. This project included upgrades to the main south scoreboard, along with sideline and elevated stand ribbon LED boards.

West Virginia University Football Scoreboard | Morgantown, WV

Seattle Structural provided engineering support for upgrades of the primary scoreboard at West Virginia University Football Stadium.  This retrofit involved width and height expansion of the display, including additional catwalks on multiple levels. The installation also included over 800 feet of lateral elevated field ribbons. 

Boise State University Football South Scoreboard | Boise, ID

We provided engineering services for scoreboard upgrades at the Albertson Stadium at Boise State University. The project included upgrades to the south scoreboard which nearly doubled the existing height.

Cotton Bowl Scoreboard and Display Upgrades | Dallas, TX

Scoreboard upgrades at the Cotton Bowl Stadium included LED installations and secondary structure design on both the north and south end-zone scoreboards. The design also included LED ribbon. 

University of Louisville Tennis Scoreboard | Louisville, KY

The University of Louisville Tennis scoreboard installation included structural support, site work, and coordination.

Providence College Field Hockey Scoreboard | Providence, RI

We worked on the scoreboard installation for Providence College Field Hockey.  The field was atop an existing parking garage, resulting in supporting the enlarged display on existing vertical elements.

University of Louisville Football North Scoreboard | Louisville, KY

We designed the new scoreboard at University of Louisville Cardinal Stadium.  This project was part of a large upgrade of the south end-zone, which included the construction of a building with integral stands and scoreboard. Design work included incorporating scoreboard secondary and primary elements into the building under construction.

University of Louisville Football South Scoreboard | Louisville, KY

Seattle Structural analyzed the scoreboard to accommodate increased area, including an analysis of the existing structure. The project included salvaging and reinstalling iconic historic Louisville signage, and renovating the stadium general seating with new LED ribbons. 

University of Notre Dame Football Scoreboard | South Bend, IN

We provided engineering support for the design and construction of a new main end-zone scoreboard at the University of Notre Dame. The new football scoreboard was part of a large renovation and construction project that added a new building behind the end-zone.  The new scoreboard was integrated with the overall building structure.  It also included enhancements to the signage of existing stands, connecting the new aluminum structure to existing precast concrete. 

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority | Washington, DC
Metropolitan Transit

Seattle Structural provided structural engineering support for the installation of 176 LCD and LED screens at multiple MTA locations, including the Navy Yard, Rosslyn, Pentagon City, L’Enfant Plaza, Federal Center, Union Station, Ballston, Metro Center, Crystal City, Bethesda, Farragut North, Gallery Place, and NOMA. Consequently, you can see our work all over the nation’s capital.

Bulkhead Retrofit

We provided structural engineering design and support for display upgrades at multiple locations in the Metro Area Transit Authority. This project included the replacement of existing granite slabs with LED display and framework. The LED display was designed to be accessible by a swing stage. The project included onsite investigation, design, and construction phase services.

Reagan International Airport

Seattle Structural provided engineering design for multiple new displays located in the airport, including support and anchorage.

University of Idaho Arena Center-hung Upgrade | Moscow, ID

This aluminum center hung is equipped with a self-climbing hoist designed to integrate with the arena’s new roof structure.  The center-hung has a unique geometry, with multiple curved displays.  We developed a model for the center-hung structure and designed attachments to the existing structure. 

Indiana Pacers Center-hung | Indianapolis, IN

The existing hoist and primary frame support new displays at the main center-hung scoreboard. The retrofitted scoreboard’s unique geometry required a high level of coordination between the steel fabricators and the design team. 

Fort Worth Arena Center-hung Display | Fort Worth, TX

Our structural design supports the new arena center-hung, which has over 5000 square feet of display area and a total weight of 80,0000 pounds.  In addition, we also designed over 1500 feet of ribbon supports, which are installed on precast concrete. 

West Virginia University Center-hung, Morgantown | WV

The center-hung was designed primarily of aluminum and incorporated 2 layers of catwalks.  New members were sized to be installed without the use of a lift, due to the historic wooden floor.  Additionally, courtside LED ribbons were designed and installed to be modular, enabling easy modification.

College Center-hung Display | Providence, RI

Steel and aluminum frame this 890 square-foot center-hung display. We also provided engineering design for 100 square feet of ribbon hoist-mounted on a steel frame.

University of Utah Basketball Center-hung | Salt Lake City, UT

Seattle Structural assisted in designing the primary center-hung to accommodate an existing 35,000 lb hoist.  The primarily aluminum frame supports 3,100 square feet of active LED display. We also designed four 315 square-foot corner displays, each suspended by two 1-ton chain hoists.  These corner displays were hung from existing glulam beams. Additionally, ribbon wall displays are supported on aluminum secondary supports installed into the existing precast concrete.

University of Montana Basketball Center-hung | Missoula, MT

A combined aluminum and steel frame shapes the unique geometry of the new center-hung scoreboard. The scoreboard has over 775 square feet of display area, and the new frame interfaces with an existing hoist and hoist platform.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport | Atlanta, GA

Seattle Structural provided engineering design support for an LED display at the new domestic baggage claim area. The thin display fit closely within the stone base and stainless steel side panels, requiring close coordination with the contractor and the design architect.

Winstar Casino | Thackerville, OK

We provided structural engineering services for the Super Spin display at the new casino. The display features cabinets of varying depth.

Wells Fargo Center | Phildelphia, PA

Seattle Structural provided engineering design for 12 new displays at Wells Fargo Center concourse, along with new displays in the box office and atrium. Also included were two vomitory displays.

Howard Hughes Tin Building | New York, NY

This project included structural design for an escalator enclosure and a PDR display. We provided coordination between the glass supplier, curtain-wall supplier, architect, interior architect, and building engineers.

The Standard | Athens, GA

We provided engineering support for a new roof-mounted pool-side display. The project included analysis of the existing roof structure, and connections of the new display mounting,