Structural and Civil Engineering Innovation and Excellence

Parking Structure Design


We leverage our cumulative engineering experience designing buildings, renovations, retrofits, installations, foundations, and civil works to design structures and structural systems that specifically meet the client’s needs for each unique project. Our talented design team has an extensive record that includes steel, concrete, precast, timber, masonry, cold-formed steel, and aluminum structures.

Community Projects Analysis


Analysis built on years of experience helps our clients make informed decisions about optimal solutions and prioritizing goals. Whether it is understanding regional materials or broadening concepts, we can provide valuable insight on all types of projects. Most importantly, expert analysis aids in keeping our built environment safe.

Engineering Services - Special Structures Planning


We are dedicated to improving the built environment by creating the most workable solutions using real-world parameters. In other words, we know how things are built. Consequently, we use an integrated approach that optimizes flexibility, quality, and efficiency. In addition, our dedicated staff work to maintain clear and continuous communication with the client.

Public Projects and Sustainability


As a responsive forward-looking firm, we enjoy serving our communities by creating efficient, elegant, sustainable solutions that inform and inspire. Further, the power and importance of good design in creating beneficial change informs our holistic view. Certainly, thoughtful solutions are needed as we move into the future.

Engineering Services - Management


Certainly, our dynamic approach, proactive participation, and unique perspective provide enhanced project management. As a result, we are not afraid to take on the tough projects. In short, our philosophy is that construction challenges present an opportunity to build better.

Engineering Services - Evaluation


We provide in-depth expertise in investigating and evaluating all types of structures, including condition assessments and seismic evaluations. For example, we have developed project-specific checklists to specifically address unique structure types. Moreover, we are adept at customizing techniques for a full range of projects.

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